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In China, the popularization of the wig started from Spring and Autumn period. [citation needed] In Japan, the upper classes wearing wigs started from before Nara period.

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We buy hair and we buy ponytails. Hair Harvest are based in London, UK.

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Lace front wigs give you the natural appearance of having a hairline to mimic the illusion of your own hair.

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You can buy Toronto Wigs at the Hair & Beauty Canada Wigs Toronto Wig Shop online.

High quality low cost ladies and gents wigs and toupees direct to you

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A wig is a hair hats made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair and is a short form of periwig. Wigs in various shapes and sizes became the latest fashion trend.

Welcome to Escapade’s online store. Our store has been in Camden, London for over 32 years and has grown from a small bespoke costumes design company to a leading

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